Hudson Mills Metropark Disc Golf Course

You don’t need to look any further than Hudson Mills Metropark if you’re searching for a great place to play disc golf in the Dexter, Michigan, region. The expansive park features a marvelous disc golf course that features 24 holes ranging in difficulty and is suitable for players of all ability levels.

The first few holes on the course are designed to be relatively straightforward and simple, making them fantastic for beginners and any discer trying to get their throwing arm warmed up.

It won’t take you long to see that the terrain is predominantly level (there’s not much elevation change), and the fairways are nice and wide, both of which make this gorgeous course perfect for beginners.
As you move further along the course, you’ll come across a few holes that are more technical and demand a higher level of accuracy and precision from you. There’s something to love for every level of disc golfer at this highly-rated course.

The vistas from Hudson Mills Metropark are among the most dazzling I’ve ever seen. You can enjoy the abundance of trees and shrubs, and if you keep your eyes open, you can even spot the Huron River while you’re hucking discs here.

a Hudson Mills Metropark disc golf course basket with trees
The hole 7 basket is perfectly placed surrounded by trees.

Taking a few minutes to appreciate the natural beauty of the surrounding environment is time well spent, for sure, even if it means you let a group or two play through.

The maintenance at Hudson Mills Metropark is top notch and they don’t let the course get overun by unwanted foliage. They make it a point to check that the course is in pristine condition at all times. Because the course is so well-kept and the tees are clearly marked, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find your way around (even without Udisc).

The disc golf course at Hudson Mills Metropark is one of the best in the area and definitely deserves a spot on your DG bucket list. At Hudson Mills Metropark, you are guaranteed to have a good time regardless of your level of experience or the number of discs you chuck in the water.

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