Cass Benton Hills Disc Golf Course (Read Before You Play)

Cass Benton Hills, a staple in the disc golf community since 2000, presents a meticulously designed 18-hole course set within a public park. The course caters to a diverse range of players, from beginners enjoying their first round to seasoned pros refining their skills.

The presence of both concrete and grass tees paired with ChainStar Pro and ChainStar targets illustrates a thoughtful blend of traditional and modern disc golf elements.

While the course is cart-friendly and welcomes canine companions, players should note the absence of on-site drinking water facilities, planning their hydration needs accordingly.

Playing Experience

Hole number one at Cass Benton Hills Disc Golf Course

The course is a celebration of disc golf, offering a playground of opportunities for varied playing styles:

  • Long Drives and Unique Lines: Each hole is a new adventure, with layouts demanding everything from precision hyzers to daring anhyzers. Players are constantly challenged to read the course and adapt their techniques.
  • Elevation Dynamics: The course’s elevation changes are not just physical but also strategic elements. They compel players to consider the impact of gravity on their discs, making each throw an exercise in calculation and intuition.
  • Wooded and Open Holes: The course’s design takes full advantage of its natural setting, with dense woods that test accuracy and open fields that invite power throws. This variety ensures that no two holes feel the same and that players must utilize their entire arsenal of discs and throws.

Course Maintenance and Ambiance

The basket at hold 4 on Cass Benton Hills

While its popularity speaks volumes about its quality, the course does face challenges typical of high-traffic areas:

  • Upkeep and Aesthetics: The course is generally well-maintained, showcasing lush fairways and clean wooded areas. Regular trashcan placement helps keep the course clean, although some areas show signs of wear and occasional litter.
  • Scenic Beauty: The course is not just a sporting venue but a visual treat. The blend of woods and open spaces, combined with the natural undulations of the land, creates a picturesque backdrop for a day of disc golf.
  • Signage and Navigation: New and even returning players may find the course’s layout a bit confusing due to the subpar signage. Improving this aspect could significantly enhance the player experience, reducing time spent navigating between holes.

Challenges and Recommendations

The course’s challenges add character but also highlight areas for improvement:

  • Crowding: Its popularity can lead to slow play, especially during peak hours. Timing your visit for off-peak hours can result in a more fluid experience.
  • Safety Concerns: Reports of broken glass and occasional vandalism are concerns, particularly for players with pets. Awareness and caution are advised while navigating the course.
  • Course Flow: Navigating the course can be a puzzle due to the current state of signage. Carrying a course map or using a disc golf app can be invaluable for first-timers.

Should You Play Here?

Cass Benton Hills Disc Golf Course is a testament to the sport’s enduring appeal. Its varied terrain, challenging holes, and beautiful setting make it a standout destination in the disc golf community.

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While there are minor areas for improvement, they do not detract significantly from the overall experience. The course’s ability to offer a fulfilling round of disc golf to players of all skill levels is its strongest suit, making it a must-visit for any disc golf enthusiast.