Acorn Knoll At Willow Metropark: Disc Golf Course Review

Established in 2001, the Acorn Knoll at Willow Metropark disc golf course is a unique blend of challenge and charm. This 24-hole course, featuring concrete tees and Mach I targets, is not just a test of skill but a journey through varying landscapes and terrains. The pay-to-play aspect, at $3 per day plus a $10 park entry fee, is a small investment for the rich experience it offers.

Key Features

  • Holes: 24
  • Tees: Concrete
  • Targets: Mach I

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The Course Experience

The course stands out for its beautiful maintenance and variety in shot shapes, catering to a broad range of playing styles. From tight, technical fairways to more open shots, it challenges players to be strategic and well-rounded in their game.

Hole seven's tee basket at Willow Metropark disc golf course

However, the course has its peculiarities, including older baskets that add a layer of difficulty, and some holes that may feel a tad unfair, demanding precise shot shaping and a strong mental game.

Player Perspectives

The distinction between pro and amateur tees offers tailored challenges for different skill levels. For beginners and intermediate players, Acorn Knoll is an excellent place to develop skills, especially in shot shaping and disc selection.

Advanced players will appreciate the heightened challenge from the long tees, although there aren’t very many long holes so you can leave your favorite Innova driver at home if you don’t have room in your bag.

Seasonal Considerations and Challenges

The course’s character changes with the seasons – lush and challenging in the summer, and serene in the autumn. However, a significant challenge during warmer months is the presence of mosquitoes, making bug spray a critical necessity. Additionally, the course can get swampy after rains, so appropriate footwear is recommended.

  • Best Seasons: Autumn for fewer bugs; summer for lush landscapes
  • Must-Haves: Bug spray in summer; waterproof footwear in rainy conditions

Is It Worth Playing?

Acorn Knoll at Willow Metropark is a disc golf course that truly embodies the spirit of the sport. Its blend of technical challenges, natural beauty, and varying conditions makes it a must-play for any disc golfer.

While it has room for improvements like updating the baskets and addressing the mosquito problem, it remains a beloved course that offers a unique and memorable experience for players of all levels.