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1 disc kick off 4/30


Registration starts approximately at 4:30 PM, with signup and distribution of club merchandise.

This is a 1-disc for every shot tournament meaning every shot drive, approach and putt all with 1 disc that will be part of your player pack for playing in the event. The disc will be a surprise for everyone so no one has an advantage. The event is a blast all by itself but also playing in the event adds you to the a3 roster entitling you to play in any of our leagues at no additional fee outside of the course fees/p2p fees. Trophies you could win for playing in our league will be awarded at our end of league party which is all free for playing in this event or joining the league.

This event is available everyone as you will become a 2014 A3Disc Club Member! You become a member by paying to play in this event it is all part of the package.
Annual A3Disc Club dues are $30 for 2014. Dues must be paid before or at this event. If not paid before or at this event you will not receive the 1-disc.

Your membership has the following benefits:
You will receive A Disc, a Mini, a shirt, Membership bag tag discount Card, you can play in our leagues.

Some leagues have optional fees ie Ace Pools, or required fees park entry etc..

By paying before OR at the 1-disc challenge you will receive the additional disc for signing up early, this of course is the 1-disc! limited to the first 200 paid members for this extra disc.

You can play in our various leagues at no additional charge.
All Aces pay out at 50% of total pot each week.
MDGO Berths will be available to league members based on stating a desire to win a berth.
Side games.
League in 2014 will be at Wednesday at Hudson Mills
Lakeshore on Monday 5:30 in 2014.
League party with food and refreshments
League awards

Note paying in advance allows us to pull your shirt in your size and pull a 1-disc for you.
Only 200 shirts will be printed and your size may run out, first pay first served,

Approximately 200 1-discs are planned, but quantity is based on availability so register early.

Discount bag tag good for 10% discounts at CJ’s Party store and Wards Do-it Center for all disc golf related merchandise.

Signup online here: http://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/2014_1_disc_challenge