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A3 Disc 2013

Well i thought it was about time to sit down and explain all the happening at A3 this year, and what a crazy year!

Let me introduce myself my name is John Reifschneider, this article is my prospective of the year.

We have had some big changes this year from a new course, a new board, and a new approach.  A3 is a wonderful community and i myself have been a member for 6 years now and proud of it.  This year i took over as President from William Gilbert, who has been running the club very diligently for the past few years.  He has done a great job i don’t think anyone could argue, I have been on the board for the last 4 years and have helped on my share of events.  This year however things were different, the energy at A3 has been growing and the current made me realize i was ready for the front seat, so i put on my big boy pants and jumped in and so glad i did as the experience has been amazing.

The crew has changed but the mission has not we all have the same hopes and aspirations for the club.  The new members of the board this year have made our events possible, and i think all of us can agree it has been quite the learning curve but so much fun and worth every minute.

Becky and Bill

Bill has been great through this transition as we move forward he guides the way, helps us navigate without him know we all would be lost, he is a great help and one of my best friends.  It is quite the task moving from a few to a fleet like we have this year, and he has been the guiding wind through it all i know it has stressed him out with more than few of the changes that have been made its a little straining but through it all he has been a building block for the new board and a solid piece of the new structure.  I can not say enough about how great bill has been through all of the changes he has had to step aside on a few issues and helped us re-image a few ideas to make each event special its a real talent he has that is unique to anyone i know.  Becky has been great as well she first puts up with bill which she will tell you is a full time job, lol.  She has helped at events handles the board minutes with Mika and really has a love for the club and the sport.

The newest members to the board are the part that makes it all possible, so many new ideas and new goals, it makes things interesting at every meeting.  This year i don’t think i have gone to a board meeting that has not lasted less than 4 hours, our registration training alone was 2 hours and then we had our board meeting right after that but so worth it we all learned a lot and had fun doing it.

Mika, John, Matt and George Rainy day at the gulch hole 14 basket clearing.


Matt Roberts has changed the whole way we organize, he has made us a lean machine, his dedication to the construction of the Gulch course was astounding.  That said he has been the best asset to the team this year with lots of ideas and goals to bring the focus back to our core: the league and tournaments.  He has helped us grow events and build relationships with you guys. He has been rethinking and re-examining everything we do as a club and brought the board together to build a stable foundation at every event this year.

George Roberts the quiet but essential man to have he gets the brunt of the hard work and god we love him for it, he was a work horse building the gulch course.  His muscle is the core of course, and the core of our events he works hard on every event from running jumbos to running the course to find a player he is our go to man for any job.  He has gone the extra mile and helped immensely at every event this year.

Mika Perez she is one heck of a hard worker i am not sure many guys could have kept up with her shoveling cement at the Gulch she worked as hard as anyone.  She also has been doing the job as our recorder at the meeting helping us stay on subject and getting the hours of speech into a format we can all understand which is a task i do not envy.  She has been a ton of help with events she has learned so quickly she can run circles around me at registration, thank god because it sure is nice to have faster check-ins.  She also has helped in every event this year.

Bill “Floyd” Hampp has come out of left field, he is a great guy with a great personality.  You like him as soon as you meet him, he make you feel like you have been best friends for years.  He has been a huge help at the Lakeshore league jumping in to manage it this year has been an amazing joy for all of us.  He has been a great asset to the club and really a fun addition to the board. Next year Floyd will be managing the Lakeshore league with Bill as support he has some great plans and we are all excited about his ideas for next year as i am sure you all will be as well.

Andy Kay
Andy Kay

Andy Kay what to say… its funny how you meet a guy and feels like you have meet him before well that is Andy to me he fits so well with the group your not sure he wasn’t part of the group the whole time.  He has been learning the ropes this year and learning disc golf at the same time as he has been growing his game he has also joined the board to be the voice of the newest members.  Andy has been a great help and hope he gets home safe as he works out of state for the winter but will be back on board soon with the crew.

Jesse Braidwood working on the gulch with the crew

Jesse Braidwood new to the fold but he has been my helping hand for years, since i have taken over as president i have made a big push in communications and built the new site, trying to keep you all in touch with us and i love it but i needed help and who else to count on but my number one in everything else i do online.  Jesse has been my best friend for years he and I have built a dozen websites, a few servers and a very popular industrial Minecraft server together so when i needed help on the web interface no other man came to mind then the best dang one i knew for the job and thank god he was as excited to be involved as we were to welcome him to the board.    He joined us just 3 weeks ago and since then has been building the league scoring site and helping organize our online information which will get better as we grow.

Jason Reifschneider
Jason Reifschneider

Jason Reifschneider well you might notice he is possible related to me, he is my twin brother, but he is also one heck of an artist he has been doing the leagues art on and off for the last few years, the pinups, KofC events art, and this year he has done all of it from our emblems to our lettering he has been the clubs artist.  If you have seen Mystic you would understand why he has been so amazing to have him as a resource he is a missile you point him to the task and he blows you out of the water what he creates.

No Foolin Art used for trophies

It kicked off with No foolin’ a great event that we all cut there teeth on as Bill ran the show to guide us on the event it was a hard event to have us start with but an amazing one for sure and all of us are excited for next year, as we plan the year we all are looking forward to the next no foolin.  Followed by Summer Solstice a hard event for sure this year as this one was all of Bills doing to put together this event as Matt, George, Mika and Myself were in a board meeting with Hamburg township over the gulch course.  Thanks to Andy and Bill the event went clean and was one of the most successful solstices for us in years. We then followed that up with opening day of the gulch which was so impressive the support you gave us was breathtaking and we love you guys.

Unused Cjs Open Art by Jason Reifschneider
Unused Cjs Open Art by Jason Reifschneider

Only 2 weeks later we had our  Ace Race which with Bill and Becky on a need vacation for there anniversary was a big sink or swim for the rest of us was i can say one of the most fun events i have been involved with for years.  Next we had CJ’s Open a run up to the event Birthday Classic that is right around the corner.  CJ’s Open was a brand new event unlike any we have been involved with CJ’s fully invested and organized an amazing event we all jumped in to help it was really nice to see a sponsor wanting to give back to the community and we were more than excited to help this event out by lending all our knowledge and support.  The event turned out great, and I know Mike the owner feel in love with the community that day all over again.

Gulch VinylEveryone

The Gulch what a pain and what a joy, Matt, George, Mika and Myself had the hardest and best time building that place.  It was none stop work from mid December til end of July, up until the morning of opening day we had worked 20 hour weekends for almost 20 weeks thank god we got the help we did, Jesse, Jason, Jeremiah, Josh, Requel, Tyler, Chris and of Course Ben Haines who was a work horse for many weekends out there, and a good friend to all of us.

This year we have needed all the help we could get as we are moving into our non-profit status a long and miserable task so far but will be all worth it we hope on the other-side.  We have changed so many things this year as our goals have been refocused and our mission so important to all of us.

We all want the best dang A3 its ever been and we have been rethinking everything to make it possible.  We want everyone who comes to our events to love them and we are trying BELIEVE me we are trying so hard to make sure you all have a great event.  We want a league that makes you feel like family and we have so many plates in the air for next year it will be amazing to build our home together.  We want more of you to be involved that why we created the Facebook and why we want your opinions on what you love what you hate what you want anything let us know talk to us, as we grow we want you to grow to love the club as your club as your A3 as it becomes the best dang A3 it can be join us.  This year has been a explosion in invitations to community events we have so many things on our plates to help introduce discgolf to kids, elderly and community with 2 newspapers stories just this year, 2 school visits planed, opening days free events and food at the gulch, and a community event for livingston county this weekend it is exciting to see the whole thing change before my eyes.

The greatest joy this year has been the support for all of you from the support at opening day to the smiles at our events it really is why i know i love it and i think all of us volunteer over and over is to build A3 into the family we all feel the joy of taking part.

Please feel free to contact me about anything any concerns any goals anything you feel we should talk about contact us please