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Welcome to the new website

2013 Art Dynamic

This year A3s goal is to get the club more energized and we thought it was about time we get you all informed regularly; We get introduced to your the new club members and board members.

This year we have been busy we have added 10 new board members, designed and built a course in 25 weeks (Matt, George, John and Mika and there volunteers.) We held a new Feature Event, and love it and next year it will be so much better, not to say this year was not good, but big plans is all. We worked hard this year to have an amazing club pack which the dry-weaves were amazing. Discraft has been an amazing sponsor this year big thanks also want to thank Dynamic for there help sponsorship on our shirts and CJ’s for all the great things they does for the club.

In the coming week the site will be changing a lot we have a forum which is coming online now that will allow members to vote and discuss tournaments and issues, we still will be using discgolfscene but this will allow us to stay better connected with you, our members. The new website will focus on building a relationship with all of you who we love and thank for all your support for these past years. We want you to be more involved by getting a background and seeing all the inner-workings. The forum will be limited until you login on the forum, as it will be designed to provide information to our members and allow them to post anything, submit art, vote, and of course participate in our club meetings see what was approved and all the upcoming things and going-ons.

Please join us in the coming weeks, as we move to a web format that puts you in the hot seat of our club and allows you to be involved even when your not out on the field.

There is also going to be improvements on score posting coming for tournaments and for our league as more members of the club will be able to generate this content more quickly then ever before allowing us to update the website at every event.


Thanks for your support!

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